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Mehdi's High Waist Female Skinny Jeans

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Mehdi's High Waist Female Skinny Jeans

The Oasis
55 ratings

This includes:

Rigged FBX (7340 tris)


8K PBR Maps (that you can compress to your project's need, I wouldn't recomend using 8K textures in game though.)



8Textures Variations:


2 versions with different styles of rips and a plain one

both in 2 colors Black and dark blue

and each with version with white/silver accents and gold/brass accents.

From scratch, sculpted in Zbrush, retopoed in cozyblanket, baked in marmoset, textured in substance painter and rigged in Blender. 






Don't claim as your own.
Don't resell the item itself.
Credit me when using on a Model.
Comercial use.
If retextured must keep the logo
You may use this for personal, public, or commercial use.
This one isn't really a rule but please dm what you make out of it if you're comfortable with it, I love to see how people use my assets!

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Rigged FBX and 8K PBR Maps


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